Welcome to Cazzy-Designs

Cazzy-Designs is the website for tutorial writer and tag creator Cazzy. Cazzy has been using Paintshop Pro since 2004 and started writing tutorials in December of 2004, initially as a one off to help a friend understand how to make a glitter text signature tag.

Since then, Cazzy has written several more tutorials, even branching out into Photoshop tutorials.

Tutorial Links open in a new window for ease of following and printing. To view the tutorials, please click the link at the top. Please also read the Terms Of Use surrounding my tutorials before passing on links in groups and websites.

There are two groups of tutorials, Graphics and Miscellanious. The miscellanious tutorials cover a wide range of things so be sure to check them out.

Tutorials cover Photoshop CS2 and versions 8, 9 and 10 of Paint Shop Pro. Tutorials for other versions of PaintShop Pro and Photoshop may come in due course.

While you are here, check out the blog for some exclusive tagging supplies, general updates and news, and visit the links page for some of my favourite tutorial websites, pay to use tube sites and also scrapkit websites.

All that remains to say, is have fun and happy tagging!

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