Angel Inside Tutorial

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In this tutorial I am using the incredible artwork of the artist Popeye Wong.
Please support this artist by viewing their site at

For this tutorial you will need: 
JASC Paint Shop Pro - HERE (I used version 8) 
JASC Animation Shop - HERE 
Alienskin EyeCandy 4000 (optional) - HERE 
Angel Tube of your choice 
Devil Inside Font - HERE 
Angel Font 
Glitter Fill of your choice

You can get my choice of tube, fonts and glitter fill HERE 


Open a new image sized 400x400 with a transparent background.

Open the Devil Inside font and minimise it to your task bar. Find the font in your dropdown and set the font size to 250. With the foreground colour set to null and background white, press the number 7 in the text box and then apply. Convert this to a raster layer. Move the logo to the right as shown in the screenshot below.

Open the tube you are using and copy and paste it onto the canvas. Resize the layer by 60% and then position it with a leg over the ring of the logo as shown in the screenshot below.

Using your magic wand, make sure the logo layer is selected, and click the outer ring of the logo. Now highlight the tube layer and erase the part of the leg that is over the logo.

Your canvas should now look like the image below.

Open the glitter fill you are going to use in Animation Shop and press ctrl and a to select them all. Now press ctrl and c to copy and then in Paintshop pro, right click the workspace and paste as animation with multiple images.

Now take your magic wand again and select the whole logo so you have the marching ants. Now press the small delete key on your keyboard to remove the white logo.

In your colour palette, set the colour to pattern, and select the first of the glitters. Flood fill the selection with the fill and then add a new layer.

Repeat the above process for each of the glittered fills. If you are using the glitter I am, then you should have four layers of the logo each one with a different fill from the glitter.

Now go to selections, select none. close off the top glitter layers, leaving the first one exposed. Now go to effects, 3d effects, drop shadow and then apply the settings below.

Repeat the drop shadow on the remaining layers of the logo. Your image should now look like this.

Open your angel font onto your desktop and minimise it. Setting your font size to 36 type the word angel and place it as shown in the screenshot below.

Convert the layer to a raster layer, and using your magic wand, select all the letters of the word angel. Press the small delete key on the keyboard to remove the white of the word. Now repeat the filling of the words with the glitter, as above and also apply the same dropshadow to each layer of that word.

Your layer palette should now look like this.

Multiply your tube layer so you have 4 layers. (May be less if you use your own glitter).

Your layer palette should now look like this

Highlight the raster 1 layer and flood fill it with a light colour of your choice. Im using #C0C0FF. Now duplicate this so you have four layers of the background colour.

Making sure your top layer is highlighted using the angel font add your name in black and place it underneath the main logo. Convert this to a raster layer, and apply the default settings of Eyecandy 4000 glass if you wish, or an inner bevel.

Duplicate this layer 4 times. Your tag should now look like this.

Making sure the top layer is highlighted, add a new Raster layer and place your watermark on this layer. Duplicate this as many times as you need to.

Now using a plain font, add the copyright info for your chosen artist if any, convert it to a raster layer and duplicate it again so you have as many of it as you need.

Now comes the hard work. X out each layer, until you have one of each element for the tag exposed. Merge these layers visible and then X out the merged layer. Repeat the process for all the layers, until you only have 4 merged layers left.

Your layer palette should now look like this.

Crop the image to size and save as a PSP file.

Open this file in animation Shop, and save it as a gif.

Congratulations, you have now got a finished tag. 

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