Autumn Friendship Tutorial

Tutorial written 29th November 2015

This tutorial is dedicated to Raven.

You will need
My frame shape - HERE
Scrapkit of choice - I am using Thankful for Friendship from Melissaz Creationz - HERE
Tube of choice - I am using the artwork of Elias Chatzoudis, who is a pay to use artist.
You can purchase his artwork and licence - HERE
Two masks of choice
Font of choice - I am using A&S Rister



Open a new canvas of 1000x1000 with a transparent background.
Copy and paste the frame shape as a new layer.

Go to selections, select all, selections float, selections defloat, then paste a paper of your choice as a new layer,
invert your selections, then hit the delete key on your keyboard. Go to selections, select none.

Open some of the elements from the kit you have chosen to use, then copy and paste them as new layers onto the paper frame,
placing them as they please you, resizing the elements where necessary.

Once you are happy with how your elements are placed, apply a drop shadow to them (0,0,100,50), and hiding the frame,
merge them visible. Ive duplicated my flower and leaf elements and mirrored them so they are on both sides of the frame.

Now hide your elements layer and make the frame layer your active layer. Take your magic wand and select inside the frame. go to selections, modify, expand, and expand the selection by 10 pixels. Invert the selection. Now take a paper of your choice again, this will be the inside background of your frame. hit the delete key to remove the excess paper, then drag this down underneath the frame layer. If you need to resize your frame, elements and paper, do this now, but check the resize all layers box first.

Open the tube you are going to use, and copy and paste it as a new layer. Resize the tube as necessary, and position it how you want. Once you have your tube where you want it, using your rectangle selection tool, cut off any of the tube that is visible at the bottom of your frame. Apply a drop shadow of your choice to this tube layer, and drag it beneath your element layer.

Select your frame layer, and apply a drop shadow to this layer too of your choice. You can now merge all of these layers visible.

Open 2 papers of choice from the kit, and copy and paste these as new layers, dragging them down beneath the merged frame and tube layer. Select the paper layer immediately underneath the merged layer, and then apply a mask of your choice. Merge the mask group and then add a dropshadow to this layer. Now select your bottom paper layer, and apply a different mask to this layer. Add a dropshadow to this layer and then merge all visible. Resize your image again if it needs resizing, then using your crop tool, crop to the opaque area.

Add your artist copyright and license information using a pixel font, then move it to where you want it and merge visible again.

Take your font of choice, and using a colour that complements your kit or tube, add your name, adjusting the size as necessary, and then convert it to a raster layer. Using Eyecandy 4000 apply the Glass filter using the settings of your choice. Apply a dropshadow of choice to your name, then merge visible. Save as a PNG file to maintain transparency and you are done.

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