Avatar Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written January 25th 2007

You will need: 
Photoshop CS2 (may work in other versions) 
Grunge brushes of your choice 
Render of choice 
My scanlines pattern.
Redensek Font.

For a tutorial on how to add brushes to Photoshop CS2 please read my tutorial - HERE

You can download my Scanlines custom Pattern - HERE


Open a new image sized 125x125 pixels with a transparent background. Flood fill this with black.

Add a new layer by clicking the box shown in the image below.

Set your colour to white and select your grunge brush. Apply first white, then black using your brush.

Add a new layer.

Open the render of your choice in Photoshop.

Right click on the title bar and select duplicate, then close the original. Crop the render to the selected size if necessary.

Now holding down shift, use your move tool and drag and drop the render into the center of the working canvas.

Duplicate the render, then go to Filter, Blur, Motion Blur and apply the settings in the image below.

Now duplicate the blurred layer and move it slightly on the canvas. repeat the above steps until the canvas is completely covered. Set the layer blend mode to overlay.

Select all the blur layers, and merge them. Now repeat the motion blur settings.
Move the unblurred render to the top.

Now go to filter, sharpen, and sharpen more and sharpen the motion blur and brush layers.

Load the custom scanlines pattern. Add a new layer and flood this with the scanlines. Set the blend mode to overlay and lower the opacity to around 44% or to what pleases you.

Select your text tool with the settings below, and with your text colour white.

Add your name to the avatar and click the layer in the layer pallete to fix it. Now go to blending options by clicking the button shown below.

Select stroke from the menu that pops up and use the following settings.

Right click the text layer and select rasterize type.

Right click and select flatten image.

Now go to file, save as, and save your image as a JPEG, using the settings below.

Congratulations you now have a new personalised avatar.

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