Blend and Blinds Tutorial


© Cazzy-Designs 2006 - Tutorial written 28th January 2006
Tutorial re-written 15th March 2008

I am using the artwork of Suzanne Woolcott which requires an AMI license.
You can purchase a license HERE and visit Suzanne's website HERE

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (will work in other versions) - HERE
Eye Candy 5: Impact (optional) - HERE 
A Gold Fill Pattern
A tube of your choice
A font of your choice (I'm using A&S Califorinian Plug)

You can get a zipfile with the font and fill HERE 


Open a new canvas sized 400x300. Flood fill this with a colour of your choice. (Im using #878AC1)

Go to Selections, select all. Now go to Selections, Modify, Contract. Contract the selection by 20, and then invert the selection. Flood fill the inverted area with white as shown below.

Go to selections, Select all again. Repeat the steps to contract the selection, but this time, contract by 10. Invert the selection, and flood fill this with the colour you used in the center of the tag, as shown below.

Go to Selections, Select none. Open up the Gold fill pattern you are going to use. Select it in your materials palette. Using your magic wand with the settings shown below, select the white border, and flood fill with the gold pattern.

Your image should now look like this.

Go to Effects, 3D effects, Inner Bevel, and apply the settings below.

Go to Selections, Select none.

Using your magic wand again, select the solid colour on the inside of your tag. Go to Effects, Texture effects, Blinds, and apply the the following settings.

Now, using your magic wand again. select the coloured border at the edge of your tag, and apply the blinds effect with the following settings.

Open your tube, and copy and paste it onto your tag as a new layer. If you are using the same tube that I am you will need to resize it by 75%. If you are using your own tube, resize as necessary.

Position your tube so it is touching the bottom and left side of your gold border along the inside. Duplicate the layer and then go to Image, Mirror, and then close off the duplicate layer for the now.

Highlighting the original tube layer, apply the blinds effect with the settings below.

Resize this layer by 75% and reposition it back to the original position. Set the blend mode in the layer palette to Overlay as shown below.

Open up the duplicated layer and highlight it in the layer palette. Go to Effects, 3D effects, Drop shadow and apply the settings shown below.

Select your text tool with the following settings.

Type your name in the box, apply it, and move it to the top left corner, inside the bevelled border. Convert your text to a raster layer. (If you arent following the Eye Candy instruction, you can now merge all and save your tag.)

Optional Eyecandy 5.0 Steps

Go to Effects, Plugins, EyeCandy 5:Impact and apply the bevel filter at default settings. Click on OK and apply a dropshadow if you desire.

Your tag should look like the example below.

Free To Use Artist Example

The example below uses the wonderful art of Cris Ortega.
You can visit their website HERE

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