Blinding Dots Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written March 5th 2006
Tutorial Re-Written August 7th 2007

I am using a free to use image by Barbara Jensen called Paris In The Morning. Barbara Jensen also sells licenses to use her artwork. You can find out more HERE about her licenses and artwork.

You Will Need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (JASC)
A tube of your choice
A Font of Choice - Im using Tension (this is a pay font)

No outside plugins are required for this tutorial. Everything you need can be found in PSP 8 

Making The Tag

Open a new canvas sized 300x300. Flood fill with the following colour.

Go to Effects, Texture Effects, Blinds, and apply the following settings.

Add a new raster layer, then go to Selections, Select all. Now go to Selections, Select Selection Borders and apply the settings below.

Flood fill the selection with white, then go to selections, select none.

Repeat the select all, then go to Select Selection Borders again, this time applying the settings below.

Press the Delete key, to remove some of the white, leaving a small white border.

Open the tube you are going to use, and copy and paste it as a new layer. Resize the tube as necessary, and drag it beneath the white border.

Select the outer area of the white border, and highlight your tube layer. Now press the delete button to get rid of any excess tube from outside the border.

Duplicate your tube, and go to Image, Mirror. Change the blend mode to Soft Light, and duplicate the mirrored layer again. Your layer palette should now look like this.

Highkight layer 1, and go to Effects, Texture Effects, Weave and apply the settings below.

Making sure your top layer is now highlighted, click on your text tool and apply your font in a colour of your choice, using the settings below.

Go to Effects, 3D effects, and inner bevel, applying the settings below to your text.

Now, apply a dropshadow as shown below.

Add your copyright information and any license numbers and watermarks.

Merge and flatten all the layers, and save as your preferred image type.

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