Blinking Fae Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written November 16th 2006

This tutorial is dedicated to Kewtiepie who never fails to amuse me.

In this tutorial I am using the gorgeous poser faeries created by NickyM at NMS Tutorials.

You will need: 
Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 - HERE
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE
A tube of your choice
2 Peas Ringlet font 
Fairie Tube - Im using one by NickyM
My blinking corners frame.

You can get my zipfile containing supplies HERE 


Open a new image size 400x400 and floodfill the layer with black.

Open my blinking frame file, and copy and paste each layer onto your working canvas as a new layer.You should now have 3 layers.

Open your fae tube and copy and paste as a new layer. If you are using the same tube as I did, resize by 60%.

Position your tube in the bottom right corner with the fae's foot resting on the frame corner.

Your image should look something like this.

With your text tool set to the settings below, and with your foreground Null and background set to a colour from your tube, apply your name above the fae.

Convert this to a raster layer. Set your text tool to the settings below and apply artist copyrights and your tagged by information.

Convert this to a raster layer.

Duplicate each layer once, with the exception of the frame layers. X out the second layers, and one of your frame layers.

Merge the layers visible, and X out the merged layers. Now unx the other layers and merge these visible.

Make sure both layers are un-x'd and save as a psp file.

Open the file in Animation shop, and save as a gif. If you have done this correctly, your frame corners should blink. 

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