Cancer Awareness Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written September 10th 2006 
Tutorial rewritten March 15th 2008

This tutorial was written to raise the awareness of cancer. I chose to use a green ribbon to raise awareness of Ovarian Cancer, a subject close to my heart.

I am using the gorgeous artwork of Nolan Worthington which requires an AMI license.
You can purchase a license HERE and you can visit Nolan's site HERE

You Will Need:
JASC Paint Shop Pro - HERE 
A woman tube of choice
A Cancer Awareness ribbon of your choice
Font of your choice - Im using angelina

You can get my selection of cancer ribbons and the font in a zip file HERE 
(There is a text file explaining what each colour ribbon is for)


Open a new image sized 300x300

Open up the tubes you are going to use for your tag and have them ready on your desktop.

Select a colour from your woman tube, and flood fill the background of the working canvas with it. 
Im using #984442.

Now go to Effects, Texture effects and blinds. Apply the filter using the settings below.

Now go to selections, select all, and then selections, modify, select selection borders. Use the settings shown below and then click ok. Now press the delete key. Go to selections, select none.

Now go to Effects, Texture effects, Weave, and apply the settings below.

Copy and paste your woman tube as a new layer, resizing as necessary. Move this into position, and then highlighting the background layer use your magic wand to select the empty border. Highlighting the tube layer again, press delete to remove any of the tube from the border.

Select your ribbon tube and copy and paste that onto the canvas as well. Position this to your liking. Then go to Effects, 3D effects, drop shadow and apply the settings shown below.

Open your font and minimise it to the task bar. Select your font in the text dropdown and set the size to 24.

Click on the canvas and using black type the words Be Cancer Aware. (You can change this to the name of a loved one if you wish). Rotate the text and then move it to the right side of the tag. Convert this to a raster layer.

Now increase the font size to 48 and type your name in and position it towards the bottom underneath the cancer ribbon.

Add a new vector layer for your watermark and any copyrights.

Go to layers, merge visible. Using your magic wand select the border. Choose a colour from your tube and floodfill the border. Go to effects, 3d effects and Inner Bevel, and use the settings below.

Go to selections, select none, and then save as a .png or .jpg file.

Other Examples

Here are some more examples of the Cancer Aware tag.

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