Celebrity Blending Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written 25th February 2006

You will need:
5 celeb tubes of your choice - I used tubes of Anne Hathaway which I created myself.
New Romantics Font (available at dafont.com)
Adler font (available at dafont.com
Eye Candy 4000 (Alienskin

Making The Tag

Open a new image size 500x150.

Click on the foreground colour box to open the materials pallete. Set your foreground colour to a colour of your choice. (I'm using #A844AC). Tick the box above the texture area and select a texture as shown below.

Flood fill your canvas with the textured colour and lower the opacity of the layer to 50%.

Open the 5 tubes you wish to use.

Copy and paste the first tube onto your working canvas, and position it how you want it, resizing if necessary.

Repeat this process for the remaining tubes.

Now you have all your tubes in position, change the blend mode for each image layer. Your layer pallete should now look like this.

Go to layers, merge all, visible.

Now go to Image, Greyscale, and Image, increase colour depth, and increase to 16 million colours.

Go to layers, merge all, flatten, then promote the background layer to a raster layer.

Go to adjust, hue and saturation, and colourise, applying the settings below. (you can change these to your personal preference if you wish).

Go to layer, load/save mask, and load mask from disk. Use the mask and settings below. It should be part of your version of PSP 8.

Open both your fonts and minimize them to the taskbar. Now, using your text tool bar, with the following settings, apply your name using a nice contrasting font colour.

Convert the layer to a raster layer, and apply the eyecandy 4000 glass filter with the following settings.

Now set your text tool bar to the settings below, and apply the name of your celebrity.

Go to effects, plugins, eyecandy 4000, gradient glow and apply the settings below, choosing a colour of your choice so the text stands out.

Add a new layer and apply your watermark as required.
Merge all layers and then save in your preferred format. 

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