Christmas Greetings Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written December 3rd 2006

This tutorial uses the artwork of Kattitude. You can visit her site HERE

You will need: Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 - HERE
JASC Animation Shop - HERE
Eye Candy 4000 (Optional) - HERE 
The Sweet Tube from Kattitude 
My christmas Lights layers 
The Calligraphic Regular and Splash fonts

You can get the Zipfile with my supplies HERE 


Open the PSP files in the zip in Paint Shop Pro. Press Shift and D to duplicate the christmas lights file and close off the original.

On the duplicated lights image, delete the layer with my watermark on and leave the rest intact. This will form the basis for your tag.

Add a new raster layer, and flood fill it with black. Drag this layer beneath both lights layers. Duplicate this layer once.

Add a new raster layer, and go to selections, Select all Go to selections, modify, and select selection borders, and set it to the settings below.

Flood fill this selection with #008000 and then go to selections, Select none.

Add a new raster layer, and repeat the above, but change the selection borders to the settings below.

Now flood fill this selection with #ae080b, and then go to selections, select none.

Merge the red layer down so both the red and green are one layer. Duplicate this layer once.

Copy and paste the sweet tube as a new layer and resize it by 50%. Move it to the left hand side of the image, inside the border, between the two lights.

Go to effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow, and apply the settings below, using #c0c0c0

Repeat the dropshadow again, using the same colour and the settings below.

Duplicate this layer once.

Select your text tool with the settings below, your foreground colour Nul and background #cc5ddd

Type your name in, and click apply.

Now change your font to the settings below, and type in Merry Christmas From

Arrange this text how you want it, and then convert to a raster layer.

Now go to effects, 3D effects, Inner Bevel, and apply the settings below.

Now if you want to apply the optional Glass for shiny text, go to EyeCandy 4000, and glass, and apply the settings below.

Otherwise, duplicate this layer once.

Now change your text settings to the following and apply the copyright and tagged by info using the same font colour as before.

Go to Image, free rotate, and rotate right by 90 Degrees.

Move this to the right between the two bulbs, and convert to a raster layer. Duplicate this layer once.

Now go down your layer pallete, and x out the copy of each layer, and also the lights on layer. 
Merge these layers Visible.

X out the merged layer, and un-x the copied layers. Merge these layers visible. Now un-X the blanked out layer and save as a psp image.

Open the image in animation shop. Press ctrl and A to select both frames, then right click and go to frame properties. Set this to 50.

Now save as a gif and you are done. 

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