Christmas Penguin Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written October 7th 2006

I am using a penguin tube by Liss from Liss' PSP Korner. You can view her site HERE

You will need:
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 - HERE 
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE 
VDL Snowscape Plugin - HERE
VDL Snowflakes Plugin - HERE
Script font of your choice 
Christmas Time Font

You can get a zip file with my supplies HERE 


Open a new Image sized 400x400 with a black background.

Using your preset shapes tool, set to the following, with your foreground colour set to null and background white, draw out a short wide rectangle the width of your canvas.

Convert this to a raster layer, and rename it Snow.

Go to Effects, Plugins, VDL Adrenaline, Snowscape, and apply the settings below.

Copy and paste your penguin tube as a new layer. Rename this layer Penguin. Move the penguin so it is sitting on the snow, as shown below.

With your text tool set to the following, and your foreground colour null and background #c10f0f, press the Capital D on your keyboard. Move this to the top Left corner of the canvas, then convert it to a raster layer. Rename this layer Xmas.

Now, change your font to the second font you are using, and white, type the word from in a small font size. If you are using the scrap calligraphy font, make the font size 26.

Move the word next to the merry christmas item, and convert to a raster layer. Rename this layer From.

Finally, add your name, using the same font, but adjust the size of the text so its bigger. Font size depends on the length of your name. Convert this to a raster layer and then rename it name.

Add a new raster layer for your watermark. Rename this layer watermark.

Its time to duplicate the layers ready for merging. Duplicate each layer, including the background, until you have 3 of each (ie, duplicate each layer twice).

X out all your copied layers, and then merge visible. X out the newly merged layer. Repeat this process twice more, Un-Xing one copy of a layer each time. Now un-X all the merged layers.

Highlighting the very top layer go to effects, plugins, VDL Adrenaline and snowflakes, and apply the settings below.

Apply it on the remaining 2 layers, only changing the random seed.

Once you have done this, save as a PSP7 compatible file.

Open the image in Animation Shop. Press CTRL and A to select all. Right click and change the frame properties to 20. Resize the animation by 85%. Save and you are done. 

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