Corona Frame Tutorial

I am using the gorgeous art of Stacey Sharp for this tutorial. Stacey Sharp is a pay to use artist and you need a license from CILM to use her work. You can visit CILM HERE and you can visit Stacey Sharps website HERE

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (tut will work in other versions) - HERE 
Animation Shop - HERE 
Eye Candy 4000 - HERE 
The tiles preset shapes - In zip file 
Tube of your choice
Font ConexSSK - In zip file

You can download the zip file - HERE 

Making The Tag

Put the preset shapes file into your preset shapes folder. If you had psp open then restart it.

Select two nice contrasting colours from your tube. I used #92DDEB for my foreground and #D59DD9 for my background/fill colour.

Click on your preset shapes tool and select one of the tiles to use as your frame. I used tile G but the choice is totally yours.

Closing off the foreground colour, and with your preset tool settings set to the following, draw out a frame onto the black background.

Your frame should look something like this.

Click on objects, align, center in canvas, then promote to a raster layer.

Go back to your tube, right click and copy, and then on the working image, right click and paste as new layer. Resize as necessary (I resized by 65%)

Now go to Adjust, sharpness, sharpen.

Go to effects, 3d effects, drop shadow and apply the following settings

Close off the black background layer and the tube layer, and duplicate the frame layer so you have two copies. Your layer palette should look like this.

Close off the second frame layer. Highlight the first frame layer and go to effects, plugins, Eyecandy 4000, Corona. Use the following settings.

Close off the layer you just applied the corona to and open up the next layer and highlight it. Apply the following corona settings.

Now open up all of your layers again.

Duplicate the background layer and the tube layer once, then close off one copy of each of the three layers. Your layer palette should now look like this.

Merge visible, close off the merged layer and repeat the process.

Open up both layers again. Click on your text tool and set it to the following settings. Make sure that your foreground colour is not set to null. The size font you use will depend on the length of your name.

Add your name, apply your text and rotate it slightly so it is on a diagonal. Convert to a raster layer.

Go to effects, 3d effects,drop shadow and apply the same settings as before, but change the colour to #9289BB.

Duplicate the text layer so you have two copies.

Close off one of the text layers and one of the merged layers, and merge visible. Close off the newly merged layer, and open up the other two layers, and merge them visible also.

Open up both layers, and go to image, resize, and resize by 65%, making sure resize all layers is selected. Now go to adjust, sharpness, sharpen. Repeat this on the second layer.

Your image and layer palette should now look like this.

Save the file as a .psp file, making sure that its set to psp7 compatible in options.

Animation Shop

Launch animation shop and open the file you just saved.

Press CTRL and A to select all, then right click on a frame and go to frame properties. Set it to the following.

Save as a .gif file and you are done. 

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