Curlicue Mosaic Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2007 - Tutorial written August 30th 2007

I am using the gorgeous artwork of Mitch Foust, a free to use artist. Please visit his website HERE

You will need:
Becky_mask033 HERE
(click resources, masks then download the zip files) 
Tube of Choice
Font of choice - I used Miss Lankfort 


Open a new canvas sized 400x400 and floodfill with white. Open your tube and select a colour from the tube, then add a new raster layer and flood fill with the selected colour. Go to Layers, Load/save mask, then load mask from disk. Use the settings shown below on the screenshot.

Right click on the mask and then select delete, pressing yes when the pop up appears. Now merge the mask group.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer and resize if necessary. Duplicate the tube and close off the duplicate layer, keeping the lower tube layer active. Go to effects, Distortion effects, Twirl, and apply the settings below TWICE. Duplicate the twirl layer and close off the duplicate.

With the original twirl layer active go to effects, texture effects, mosaic antique and apply the settings below.

Now activate the second twirl layer. Go to Effects, Distortion Effects, Curlicue and apply the settings shown below twice.

X out the background layer, mask layer and top tube layer, and merge the mosaic and curlicue layers visible. Add a dropshadow of your choice. Un-X the mask layer and add a dropshadow of choice.

Activate the tube layer and add the same dropshadow you used on the mask layer. Open the font you are using and minimise it to the task bar. With your text size set to an appropriate size for your name length, and with anti-alias checked and foreground set to null, type your name in. Go to rotate, Free rotate and rotate left by 45.00 degrees with both boxes beneath unchecked. Position your name where it looks good and then convert to a raster layer.

Go to Effects, Plugins, Eyecandy 400, Gradient Glow and apply the Pride preset with the following settings.

Add a drop shadow of your choice to the text. Add a new layer and apply your watermark and artist copyrights. Merge all layers visible and save in the format of your choice.


Here are some more examples of the tutorial done with other tubes and fonts.

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