Custom Actions Tutorial

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You will need:
Photoshop CS2

Note: For the purposes of this tutorial I am making a watermark action, however actions are recordable for any repetative task you wish to create the action for. Have fun and experiment. 


Set your Photoshop workspace up, how you are comfortable with it. Ensure you have the actions palette on the right hand side of your screen.

Click on the small white facing triangle on the actions pallette, and then select clear all actions as shown on the screenshot below.

When the prompt box appears, click ok. This gives you a completely fresh and empty actions box to work with, so your not adding your custom action to another set.

Now open a new blank canvas. Click the small page icon as shown in the image below.

Name your action. When naming your action, It might be easier to put information such as font name and size in the actual name so you know what one it is, like shown in the image below.

Now click record. Now, take your text tool, and write what you want your watermark to say. Make all adjustments, lower the opacity if necessary, and drag it into position where you would like it.

Now click the small square button next to the red circle, as shown in the image below. This will stop your custom action from recording.

Now double click on the action where it says Set 1 and rename it to something of your choice.

Now click the right pointing arrow, and save your custom action as shown in the screenshot below.

If you want to create further custom actions, then follow the steps above. 

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