Devil Inside Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written September 9th 2006 
Rewritten March 16th 2008

I am using the gorgeous artwork of Popeye Wong. You can view his site HERE

You will need:
Jasc Paint Shop Pro - HERE 
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE 
Alienskin EyeCandy 4000 (optional) - HERE 
Devil Inside Font
Slat template of your choice 
Devil tube of your choice 
Fire Background of your choice 
Font of choice (I used Bambino) 
Glitter tile of choice.

You can get the zipfile with the fonts, fire background and glitter tile - HERE 


Open a new image sized 500x500. Copy and paste the slats onto the canvas. Select each of the slats with your magic wand and then paste the fire background into the slats and then go to Image, Mirror.

Do not deselect the slats just yet if you are applying the optional eye candy step. If you arent following the eyecandy step, then deselect. Your working canvas should now look like this.

Go to Effects, Plugins, Eyecandy 4000 and apply the glass setting as shown below. (This is optional).

Open the tube you are using and copy and paste it onto the canvas so it is above the layer with the slats. Resize the tube if necessary.

Move the tube into the position you want it, and then apply the following dropshadow.

Open the Devil Inside font and minimise it to your task bar. Select the font, and set your font size to 150.

Click anywhere on the canvas and press the number 6. This will give you the devil inside logo. Convert this to a raster layer.

Select your magic wand, and select the outer ring of the logo. Highlight your tube layer and remove the bit of logo which covers the upper part of the tail.

Your image should now look like this.

Now select the rest of the devil inside logo with your magic wand and press the delete key to remove the colour from inside the selections.

Open the glitter you are going to use in Animation Shop and press ctrl and A to select them all. Copy and paste them into PSP as an image with multiple frames.

Selecting each glitter tile, flood fill the selections on the logo until you have 3 layers, each with a different glitter frame.

Apply the same drop shadow as you applied to your tube then go to selections select none.

Open the font you are using for your name and set the font size to 60. Type your name in the text box and then apply it.

Rotate your text so it is running down the side of the slats then convert it to a raster layer.

Add a new raster layer and apply your watermark and any artist copyrights. Flood fill the background layer with white, and then duplicate all layers until you have 3 copies of each.

Merge the layers until you have just 3 layers again. Crop off any excess background from your tag, which should now look like this.

Save this as a psp file, then open it in animation shop and save.

Voila, one finished tag.

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