Doctor Mosaic Blend Tag Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2008 - Tutorial Written 30th May 2008

This tutorial uses Images of David Tennant as Doctor Who. Doctor Who is © BBC Worldwide

You will need:
Two tubes of choice
2 Fonts of Choice - Im using Century Gothic and Segoe Script 


Open a new canvas sized 300 high by 500 wide. You can make this tag smaller or larger according to your own preferences, however it works better in a rectangle shape.

Open your two tubes of choice in PSP

Copy and paste the tube of your choice as a new layer. Duplicate the layer and close the duplicate tube layer off for now. Copy and paste the tube moving each layer around until the entire canvas is covered. You should have an image which looks like the example below.

Making sure the duplicated top layer is closed off, merge the layers visible. Go to Adjust, Blur, Motion blur and apply the settings below twice.

Go to Effects, texture effects, Antique Mosaic and apply the settings below. Duplicate the layer, and change the lower layer to screen.

On the duplicated mosaic layer, apply the settings below using Mosaic - Antique.

Set this layers blend mode to Soft Light.

Highlight the first mosaic layer with the blend mode set to screen, and go to Adjust, Blur, Gaussian Blur, and set it to a 5.00 radius and click ok.

Unhide the top layer of the untouched tube, and resize it by 75% using the smart resize.

Position your tube how you want it to be, then lower the opacity to 78% . Change this layers blend mode to Screen. Depending on personal preferences, you can change the opacity of the top mosaic layer to change the specific look of your tag. I changed my opacity to 80%.

Copy and paste your second tube as a new layer. Lower the opacity to around 70% so some of the colour below shows through. Now apply a drop shadow using the settings below.

Now you can close off the tubes you were using completely.

Take your text tool, and using a simple font like century gothic, and with the tool settings shown below, and your foreground colour set to nul, and the background colour set to white, add a tagline or text of choice to your tag. As my tag is a Doctor Who themed tag, I am using the words "The Doctor".

Position your text where it looks good, then changing your text tool to the settings below, using a font of your choice apply your name in the same colour as your text.

Position your name underneath the tagline or wording you first placed.

Add your copyright informations and license numbers if needed, flatten the image and save in your desired format.

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