Doctor Photoshop Blend Tag Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2008 - Tutorial Written 31th May 2008

This tutorial uses Images of David Tennant as Doctor Who. Doctor Who is © BBC Worldwide

You will need:
Photoshop CS2 (may work in other versions) 
A render of choice
Font of choice - Im using Giddyup Std


Open your render in photoshop. Open a new image sized 150 height by 400 width.

Select all on the render you wish to use as your background and then paste into the canvas. Duplicate the render then close off the top layer. Selecting the bottom layer again, duplicate the render and move it to cover a blank spot in the canvas. Repeat as needed until the canvas is covered. Merge the renders visible.

Go to filter, Blur, Motion blur and use the settings below twice.

Duplicate the blurred layer again to fill any gaps in the canvas and then merge visible.

Go to Filter, Pixellate, Mosaic, and apply the settings as shown below.

Duplicate the mosaic layer, and then go to Filter, Pixellate, Crystallize and use the settings shown below.

Lower the opacity of this layer to 80% and change the blend mode to overlay.

Unhide your render layer and select it. Go to Edit, Transform, Scale and scale your render to size. If you hold down the shift while scaling, the render will stay in proportion. When you are happy with your resized render, click the tick to confirm the change.

Change the layer blend mode to luminosity.

Select your text tool with a font you like, and the font colour white. Im using the settings below.

Add your tagline text of your choice. Im using the words "The Doctor".

Rasterize the type. Setting your text tool to the same font but a smaller pt size and add your name. Im using the settings shown below. Place your name under your tagline wording.

Rasterize this layer. Take your text tool and add all copyrights and your mark.

Merge all the layers visible so you have one layer. Go to layer effects, and stroke, and add a 2px black line INSIDE the image boundaries. Flatten the image, and save in your preferred format.

Your finished tag should look like the example below.

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