F1 Finnish Fancies Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs - Tutorial written 26th January 2006

This tutorial is dedicated to my Finnish friend Tomi who inspired this tag.

To create this tag you will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (will work in higher versions) - HERE
Animation Shop 3 - HERE 
EyeCandy 4000 - HERE 
Filmstrip tube and recolours 
Font of your choice - Im using Black Rose

You can get my supplies in zip format HERE 

Paint Shop Pro Steps

Open a new canvas size 500x500 with a transparent background. Open your chosen colour filmstrip frame in PSP, along with the other pictures you are going to be using.

Copy the filmstrip onto the blank canvas as a new layer. Now close your filmstrip tube down.

Using your magic wand at the following settings, click inside the first frame on the filmstrip.

Go to selections, Modify, Expand and expand by 2 pixels, as shown below.

Now go to the first picture you are going to use. Copy and paste it as a new layer on the working canvas. Pull the picture layer underneath the filmstrip layer and then resize the image as needed. Once you have your image positioned, it should look a little something like this.

Now you have your image positioned how you want it, go to Selections, Select None.

Repeat this procedure for the next two frames. Now your layer palette and canvas should look like this.

Now go to layers, and merge visible. Move your filmstrip towards the top of your canvas. Open your font and minimize it to the taskbar.

Select your text tool with the following settings and select a background colour of your choice.

Type your name into the text box, and click apply. Position this where you want it. Now convert this layer to a raster layer.

Making sure your text layer is selected, go to effects, plugins, eyecandy 4000, Glass and apply the following settings.

Go to layers, merge, merge visible, and then crop your canvas to size.

Save your tag as a PSP file making sure the settings are on PSP7 compatible.

Close PSP and open Animation shop.

Animation Shop Steps

Open your tag and copy the first frame, right click on the first frame, and select paste behind current frame. Your animation should look like this.

Now highlight the first frame, and go to effects, Insert Image effect. Select compress and use the following settings. Click on ok.

Select the very last frame, and use the same effect, but with the following settings

Now highlight the very first frame, right click and select frame properties. Set the properties to 20, as shown below.

Repeat the procedure for the very last frame. Save your animation and you are done. 

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