The Avatar Within Tutorial

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This tutorial is for Saintsy - another Final Fantasy addict

This tutorial uses the incredible artwork from the Final Fantasy games by artist Yoshitaka Amano.

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro - HERE 
JASC Animation Shop - HERE 
4 avatars of your choice sized 100x100 pixels 
Font of choice 


Open a new image sized 300x300. Open the avatars you are going to use in PSP.

Using your dropper tool, select a colour from one of your avatars. Flood fill the blank canvas with this colour.

Add a new raster layer, and go to selections, select all. Right click on one of your avatars and copy it. Right click the canvas and paste into selection. Now go to selections, select none.

Lower the opacity on this layer to 50% and merge the two layers visible.

Your image should now look like this.

Add a new raster layer, and using your selection tool use custom Selection with the following
settings to create a square.

Flood fill this square with any colour, the colour is not important, this is just to mark the space where our avatars will go whilst we add our name. Now go to selections, Select none.

Select your text tool with the following settings.

Apply your name in a colour of your choice, and move it to the bottom of the tag between the coloured box for your avatar, and the outside edge.

Convert to a raster layer, and apply the following inner bevel.

Add a dropshadow of your choice.

Now delete the layer with the coloured square.

Add any copyright information and your tagged by legend and position this where you want it.

Merge the layers visible then save as a .psp file.

Open a new canvas sized 100x100. Copy and paste the three remaining avatar as new layers into this canvas.

Save this as a psp file.

Open both files in animation shop.

Duplicate your tag background until you have 3 frames.

Press Crtl and A on both sets of files, then clicking on the first frame of the avatar file, drag it, position it in the lower left corner and apply it to the tag background. All 3 avatar frames will have applied in the same place.

Right click the tag and set your frame properties to 100.

View your animation, then save as a gif file. 

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