Font Organisation Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written December 1st 2006

You will need:
Neuber Font Renamer - HERE
An empty folder for your fonts
Sub Folders Lettered A-Z
A selection of Fonts 


Create a new folder somewhere on your harddrive and name it Fonts. Now create Subfolders, Lettered A-Z, and a folder called Font Renamer.

Your folder should now look like this.

As you can see from my folder, I have also got some fonts sorted by foundry or designer. This makes it easier to find a certain font for me.

Download Font renamer, and unzip it to the font renamer folder in the Fonts folder you have just created. This is so it keeps all your Font folders and the renamer together, for easy reference.

Create another folder called Unsorted Fonts. All fonts you download can be stored here until you are ready to sort them.

Open the font renamer. It should look like this.

Click on browse as shown below.

Navigate to your unsorted fonts folder, then click rename as shown below.

Now your fonts will be renamed to their original more meaningful names, making sorting fonts much easier.

When you are done, you just need to close the program, click off the Neuber product ad that appears at the end and then sort your fonts into the appropriate alphabetical subfolders.

If you remember to do this every time you download fonts, it will save you hours of hunting through strangely named fonts for the ones you need. 

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