Golden Fae Curlicue Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written 31st October 2006

For this tutorial I am using the gorgeous work of Stacey Sharp. She is a CILM artist, so you will need a licence to use her work. You can visit her website HERE
If you would like to use Staceys work, then visit CILM and get a license HERE

You will need:
Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 - HERE
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE
Snappy Service Font - HERE
DSB Flux Bright Noise plugin - HERE
Alienskin EyeCandy 4000 Gradient Glow Plugin - HERE
Tube of your choice 


Open a new image sized 500x500 with a transparent background.

Open your tube, and copy and paste it as a new layer, resizing if necessary. Duplicate your tube, and close off the duplicated layer. Make sure the bottom tube layer is highlighted, then go to effects, Texture Effects Mosaic - Glass and apply the settings below.

Now go to Effects, Distortion Effects, Curlicues and apply the settings below.

Lower the opacity on this layer to 50%

Now open up the top tube layer and resize it by 80%.

Take your lasso tool set to point to point with the settings below. now draw an outline along part of your tube. Ive chosen the star in the wand of the Fae.

Once you have your area selected, Duplicate the tube layer twice more. Now go to Effects, Plugins, DSB Flux, and apply the settings below.

Apply these settings on the remaining layers MAKING SURE you hit the mix button a couple of times on each layer so the selected part animates.

Now go to selections, select none.

With your text tool set to the following settings, and using 2 colours from your tube, Apply your name to the tag.

Convert the vector layer to a raster layer.

Now go to Effects, Plugins, Eyecandy 4000, Gradient Glow, and apply the settings below to your text.

Now go back to the first blank layer, probably called raster 1 and flood fill this with black. Duplicate this so you have 3 copies in total.

Make sure you have 3 copies of the background, Mosaic layer and your name.

Select another font and a small font size, and apply your artist copyright info, artist website information and your relevant license number and tagged by info. Convert this to a raster layer and then duplicate so you have 3 layers of this.

Now x off the 2 spare layers of each tag segment, and merge visible. X out the merged layers, Un-x the next set of layers, and merge those visible. Repeat the above for the final time, merging visible. Now un-x the hidden layers.

Now resize all layers by 75% and save as a psp file.

Open the psp file in animation shop, and save as a gif file. 

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