Glitter Conversion Tutorial

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You will need:
JASC Animation Shop 
Photoshop CS2
Animated glitter gif's

You can get some animated glitter gif's at the following sites:

Auburn Angels Glitters
Siera55's Glitters
Glitter The World


Open the glitter you wish to convert in Animation Shop. 
You should get several frames of the glitter gif, as shown below.

In Photoshop, click the bucket tool button, and then click Pattern from the dropdown. If you cant see the bucket tool, right click and select the bucket.

Right click and delete all the patterns showing in your dropdow. (They WONT be deleted from the pc)

When you have an empty dropdown pattern box, highlight the first glitter frame in animation shop. Right click, and copy and paste it into photoshop as a new file. (ctrl + N for new file and Ctrl + V to paste in photoshop)

Press Ctrl and A to select all, then go to edit, Define pattern.

A screen like the one below pops up.

Type in a name for the first frame, and then click OK. Close the first frame down in photoshop.

Repeat the steps above for the remaining glitter frames.

When you have all the all the frames from the glitter defined as individual pattern elements, its time to save it as a pattern set.

Click the down pointing arrow by the pattern box, and then click the tiny arrow which points to the right as shown in the screenshot below.

Now click on save patterns as shown below.

In the window that comes up, select a name and location to save your patterns then click ok.

Its now safe to reset your patterns back to default. Any time you wish to use these patterns, you just need to click load, and locate where you saved them.

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