Glittering Web Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written October 6th 2006
Rewritten on March 16h 2008

I am using the gorgeous artwork of Ayumi K. You can visit their website HERE

You will need:
Jasc Paint Shop Pro 9 - HERE
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE
Alienskin Xenofex 2 Constellation plugin - HERE
Both of my spider web tubes
My white spider tube with the dangly thread
A tube of your choice
A font of your choice

You can get my zipfile with my tubes and choices - HERE


Open a new canvas sized 400x400 with a transparent background. Flood fill the background with black to make it easier to work with.

Take the czd~whitespiderweb001 tube and copy and paste it as a new layer onto the working canvas. Move this into position in the top left corner, making sure that there are no gaps at the top and left edge.

Now take the czd~whitespiderweb002 tube and copy and paste this as a new layer. Go to image, mirror, and then move this into position at the top right corner makign sure there are no gaps as before.

Hide the black layer and merge visible. Your image should now look like this.

Copy and paste your main tube as a new layer, and resize as necessary. Move the tube so part of it covers part of the dangling string of the left web. Now apply the following dropshadow.

Now apply a dropshadow again, but this time use the settings below.

Copy and paste my czd~whitespider001 tube as a new layer. Hang the spider from part of the tube, then this layer under the main tube.

Your image should now look like this.

With your text tool set to the settings below, with your foreground colour white, and background colour null, type your name in.

Rotate your name and convert to a raster layer. Drag your name so it looks like its hanging from the right web string.

X out your main tube layer, and also the black layer. Merge these layers visible, and then duplicate the merged layer twice.

Go to Effects, Plugins, Alienskin Xenofex 2, Constellation and apply the settings below.

Repeat the above for the remaining 2 layers, but each time hit the random seed button.

Un-X the hidden layers, and duplicate each one twice. You should now have three layers of each element so far.

Add a new raster layer, and add to this any artist copyrights and your own personal watermark. Duplicate this layer a further two times.

X out all the layers, leaving one of each layer un-X'd. Merge these layers visible. X out the merged layer. Repeat this a further two times until you are down to just 3 layers.

Your image should now look like this.

Now save this as a .PSP file, MAKING SURE that the options are for a PSP 7 Compatible file.

Open this file in animation shop. Resize the animation by 85% then save.

Congratulations, you now have a new tag.

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