Glitter Text Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2004 - Tutorial written 13th December 2004

To create this tag you will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (JASC)
Animation Shop (JASC)
Glitter of choice
Font of Choice - I used glamourgirl
Tube of choice

You can get the font, glitter and tube I used - HERE

Glittering Your Text

Open a new image sized 400x400 with a transparent background. Open your font and minimise it to your windows taskbar. Paint Shop Pro can recognise it from there.

Select your text tool with the following settings. Vector, size 72, anti-alias checked, alignment center, foreground colour null, background colour white.

Click on the canvas and then type in your name and click ok. Go to Objects, Align, Centre in canvas.

Convert the vector layer to a raster layer. Right click on the text layer and rename it text 1. Duplicate it twice until you have 3 text layers. Rename the duplicated layers, text 2 and text 3. Your layer palette should look like the screenshot below.

Highlight text 1, then click on selections, select all, float, and then defloat to get the marching ants. X out layers 2 and 3, making sure that text one remains highlighted.

Open your selected glitter in Animation Shop. It should look like this.

Right click on the first frame, edit, copy, paste as new image into Paint Shop Pro.

Set your foreground colour to pattern and select the glitter image you just pasted with the angle at 0 and the scale at 100.

Select your flood fill tool with the following settings and flood fill your text 1 text layer with the glitter.

Close down the first glitter frame, answer no to the pop up box, and then go back to animation shop and copy and paste the second frame into Paint Shop Pro. Repeat the process for selecting the glitter frame.

Take the X off your text 2 layer, and fill it with the glitter tile you just pasted.

Close the glitter image down in Paint Shop Pro, and answer No to the pop up box.

Go back into animation shop and right click on the 3rd frame of your glitter and and copy and paste it into Paint Shop Pro.

Again select the new glitter frame in the pattern tab of your colour selector, and flood fill your text 3 layer text with the glitter.

You should now have your 3 text layers each filled with a different frame of the glitter. It should now look like this.

Close down your glitter in animation shop. In Paint Shop Pro, go to selections, Select None.

Adding a Tube to Your Glitter Text

Open the tube you wish to use in Paint Shop Pro, and resize the image if it needs it.

Go to Edit, copy and Edit Paste as a new layer on your working canvas.

Position your tube where you want it and then duplicate the layer a further 2 times until you have 3 copies of the tube. Rename these Tube 1, Tube 2 and Tube 3 as shown below.

X out tube 2 and tube 3, and text 2 and text 3, as well as the raster 1 layer.

Highlight your text 1 layer and making sure that there is only text 1 and tube one un-X'd, merge visible. X out this merged layer and then un-X text 2 and tube 2. Repeat merge visible, and then X out this layer too.

Finally un-X the final tube layer and text 3 and merge visible. Your layer palette should now look like this.

At this stage you can delete the blank raster 1 layer. Your layer Palette should now look like this.

Click on your crop tool, and crop the merged layers using the layer opaque setting.

Make sure you have no layers X-d out then click on file, save as, and then save your image as a .psp file, clicking on options and making sure that you save as psp 7 compatible as shown below.

Animating Your Tag in Animation Shop

Launch animation shop and then click on file, and new animation wizard.

For the first box click the first option "same size as the first image frame" and then click next.

For the 2nd box if you want a transparent background, then click the transparent option. If you want a coloured background click opaque and select the colour you want, then click next.

For the third box, leave the options as they are and click next.

At the 4th box, check repeat animation indefinately and set your speed to 10 and click next.

At the 5th box, click add frame and add the psp file you just made, and click next.

For the next box click next then click finish.

Check you are happy with your animation by going to view animation.

If you are satisfied with your animation go to file save as and then select gif, click ok, and then on better image quality then next next next and finish, There you have it one glitter tag.

These examples were made by my tutorial testers.



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