Heart Frame Tutorial

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Tutorial re-written July 15th 2007
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I am using the gorgeous pay to use art of Maryline Cazenave. You can purchase a license to use her art HERE at Creative Design Outlet.

To create this tag you will need:
Paint Shop Pro - You can get a 30 day trial HERE
Super Blade Pro - Trial version available HERE
KC Hearts Tube (In Zip file)
K Tulips Tube (In Zip file)
Two photographs or images of your choice
Font of choice (I used Flubber) (In Zip file)

You can get the zip file containing the tubes and font HERE 

To Make The Tag

Create a new image size 700 x 700 with a transparent background.

Open the KC Hearts tube and press shift and D to duplicate it. Close off the original and resize the hearts by 50% Bicubic, with resize all layers checked.

Go to edit and copy the hearts, then make your working canvas active, and go to edit, and paste as a new layer. Rename this layer Hearts.

Go to Selections, Select all, then Selections, Float and Selections Defloat.

Go to effects, plugins, Flaming Pear and select Super Blade Pro

Use a preset of your choice and then click on okay. Go to selections and select none.

Open the K Tulips tube and press shift and D to duplicate it and close off the original.

Go to edit and copy and then edit and paste as a new layer on the working canvas. Resize the tulip tube by 75% making sure the resize all layers box is UNCHECKED.

Position the tulip tube with the two flower heads positioned on the outer line of the heart template as shown in the screenshot below.

Name this layer Tulip 1, duplicate this layer and then go to Image and Mirror. The tulips should be in the same position on the other heart frame. Rename this layer Tulip 2.

Drag the tulip one and tulip two layers under your Heart 1 layer. Your layer palette should look like this.

Erase all of the leaves and stems from the tulips leaving just the flower heads. Your tag should now look like this.

Open the pictures you want to use for the tag and press shift and D to duplicate them and close off the originals. On the hearts layer use your magic wand to click inside the left hand heart, and leave the ants marching.

Go to the first picture you want to use and go to Edit, Copy and then onto the working canvas, and Edit Paste as a new layer. Move the picture to the position you want using the marching ants as a guideline and then go to selections, invert and erase everything outside the heart. Go to selections, select none.

Repeat for the right hand heart.

Go to layers, merge visible

Open your font (I'm using flubber), and minimise it to your task bar. Select your font tool and use the following settings:

Set your foreground colour to black and the background colour to white, then change the background to a foreground-background gradient, and your foreground to null.

Your materials palette should now look like this.

Add your name and/or the text you want and then click ok. Convert to a raster layer and apply a Super Blade Pro preset of your choice twice.

Crop your image using the layer to opaque setting and then resize your image to 75%

Click inside the first heart with your magic wand until you get the marching ants. Go to selections, Modify and expand by 1 pixel

Create a new raster layer and paste your first picture into the selection. Go to selections, Invert and then press your delete button to remove the excess picture.

Repeat the above for the other heart.

Go to layers, merge visible.

Add a new raster layer and drag it beneath your merged layer. Flood fill this layer with the colour of your choice and save it.

There you have it, a nice heart frame to put your pictures in. 

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