Noisy Celebrity Tutorial

©2006 Cazzy Designs - Written January 13th 2006 
This tutorial is dedicated to some very special friends:- Tomi, Kerry, Leah and Dave 

To follow this tutorial you will need:
JASC Paint Shop Pro 8 - HERE
JASC Animation Shop - HERE
Xero Fritillary Plugin - HERE
VM Toolbox Brightness Noise Filter - HERE
Alienskin Eye Candy 5: Textures - HERE 
2 Fonts of your choice - Im using Cheri and Dalliance Script
A celebrity tube of your choice - you can download the zip file with fonts and tube below

You can download the zip file - HERE 


Open a new 375x375 canvas with a transparent background.

Select two colours, one for foreground/stroke and one for background/fill. I used #C0C0FF and #8080FF.

Click your preset shapes tool, and using the following settings, select a preset shape of your choice.
Im using heart 1.

Once youve drawn your preset shape, go to objects, align, centre in canvas. Right click on the layer palette and convert the vector layer to a raster layer.

Duplicate the layer so you have three copies.

Using your magic wand, select the inside of the heart. Now x out the top 2 layers and make sure the first heart layer is selected.

Go to effects, plugins, eyecandy 5: textures and then texture noise as shown below.

Use the following settings on the first heart layer.

Now open up the second heart layer, highlight it, and using the same plugin, use the following settings.

Repeat as above for the third heart layer, but use the settings below.

Go to selections, select none. Close off the top two heart layers again, and select the first heart layer. Using your magic wand, highlight the outside colour of the first heart.

It should now look like this.

Go to effects, plugins, VM Toolbox, Brightness Noise. Use the following settings

Un-X the next layer, highlight it and repeat the plugin using the following settings.

Repeat again on the last layer using the settings below.

Open the tube of your choice in PSP (im using one I tubed myself, which is available in the zip file). Right click in the title bar of the tube, and go to edit, copy and then paste it as a new layer onto the working canvas.

Resize your image as necessary (I had to resize by 50%). Go to Adjust, sharpness, Sharpen.
You can now close the original tube.

Position your tube where you want it and then duplicate the layer twice.
Your layer palette should now look like this.

Choose 2 colours and 2 fonts. A chunky font and a script font are good for this tut. I used Cheri and Dalliance Script for the fonts, and #000000 and #C0C0FF for the colours.

Select your text tool with the following settings.

Using your text tool and your chunky font, write your name one letter at a time and arrange them vertically on your canvas. Once you have all the letters positioned convert the layer to raster and move the text to the exact position you want.

Duplicate the layer so you have 3 copies of it. X out the top 2 layers of text, and make sure the first text layer is highlighted.

Using your magic wand select the text interior. When all your letters have the marching ants, go to effects, plugins, xero and fritillary. Apply the plugin with the following settings.

Un-X the second text layer and highlight it, then apply the plugin again with the following settings.

Repeat the process again for the final time using the following settings.

Go to selections, select none.

Select your text tool with the following settings, choosing a new colour for the background and setting the foreground to null.

Type your name again in the script font, and convert the layer to a raster layer. Position your text where you want it, and go to effects, plugins, eyecandy 4000, glass.

Apply the following settings (changing your main glass colour to match the colour of your text).

Now duplicate this layer twice. Your layer palette should look like this.

Delete the blank raster layer at the bottom, then close off the 2 duplicated layers for each element of the tag. Highlight one of the opened layers, right click and go to merge visible.

Close off the layer you just merged, and open one layer for each element of the tag. Merge visible as you did before. Close off this layer, and merge the 4 remaining layers.

Make sure your layers are all opened up, and save the tag, making sure your options are set to psp7 compatible.

Close down PSP and open up Animation Shop.

Go to file, open, and select the tag you just saved from psp.

Crop off any excess space on the tag, then press ctrl + A together to select all Right click on a frame and set the frame properties to 25.

Once you are happy with your tag, save it as a gif file. 

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