Photoshop Brush Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written January 25th 2007

You will need: 
Photoshop CS2 
A selection of custom brushes

You dont need any canvases open to follow this tutorial. 


Click on your brush tool. When the toolbar appears click the dropdown by your brush tip settings as shown below.

In the dropdown that appears click the small right pointing arrow as shown below.

A menu will now appear giving you many options. The ones we are interested in are the load/save/reset options.

To load custom brushes, click on load brushes, then navigate to where you have your downloaded brushes stored.

Select the brushes that you want to load then click ok. They will automatically append to the list of brushes already there.

If you load the wrong brushes by mistake, you can follow the steps above and click reset brushes. The following window will appear.

Click ok and the brushes will reset to your default selection.

To save brushes you have created, just click Save brushes and follow the onscreen directions.

If you want to replace the brushes, select the set you wish to replace them with.

I hope you have found this tutorial useful and helpful. 

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