Glitter Text Tutorial For Photoshop CS2

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You will need:
Photoshop CS2 
Imageready CS2
A glitter pattern of choice.
A font of choice (A chubby font will work best)

If you are unsure how to make a glitter pattern for photoshop,
read my tutorial about converting glitter gifs HERE

This tutorial requires a small amount of Photoshop Knowledge 


Install your font into the Windows Font folder.

Open a new image sized 500x500. Dont worry about the size of the canvas, as we will resize later.

Take your text tool with the settings below

With any font colour type your name into the canvas. If your name vanishes off the edge, just drag it back into the canvas.

Take your magic Wand tool, and click inside each of the letters. Go to Selections, Modify, Expand and and expand by 1 pixel as shown below.

Rasterize the layer.

Now click on your flood tool, and select pattern from the dropdown box. If necessary, load your glitter file into the pattern box. Select your first glitter tile. and flood fill the text.

Make a new layer, click on the next glitter tile, and repeat the flood fill.

Repeat as many times as necessary. I had three panels to my glitter, so I needed three layers.

Crop your canvas close to the word.

Now click the button below to open your file in image ready.

Your image will open in Imageready, with the same amount of layers as you had in photoshop.

In Imageready, click on Window, and then make sure there is a check mark next to the word animation. Its now time to build your Animation.

With the first layer highlighted, click duplicate frame as shown below.

Now close off the top layer by clicking on the eye, and highlight the next layer.

Click duplicate frame again, and repeat the step above, duplicating the frame again for the final time. Now press the right facing triangle button to make sure that your animation works.

If the animation works, Press the square button, then holding down the ctrl key click on all of your frames. Click the small triangle button as shown below, and set the frame rate to 0.1 sec.

When you are happy with your glitter animation, go to file, Save optimized as, and select a location and name.

Close the image down, and shut imageready. Choose the relevant option for yourself at the prompt box, and you are done. 

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