Naughty Elf Tutorial

Tutorial written 26th December 2015

You will need:

For this tag I am using Template 6 Naughty Elf by SyllyCreations - HERE
Angelica's Winter kit by Pink Paradox Productions - HERE
Artwork of Arthur Crowe, You can purchase his art and license - HERE
DSB Flux Bright Noise Filter
A&S RIster Font



Open the template and hit shift and D to duplicate. Close off the original.
Delete the copyright layer and the happy holidays pixel text layer.
Hide all but the bottom shape layer, we will build from the bottom of the tag up.

Take your magic wand and click inside the large green rectangle.
Copy and paste paper 14 as a new layer, Invert your selection and hit the delete key.
Duplicate the paper layer and on the duplicated layer, go to adjust, blur, gaussian blur, and apply the following settings

Go to selections, select none, then change the blend mode for the duplicated layer to overlay,then merge down.
Hide off your green template layer and unhide large red rectangle.

Take your magic wand and select inside the red rectangle again.
Copy and paste paper 25 as a new layer, invert the selections again and then hit your delete key.
Go to selections, select none and then go to effects, plugins, dsb Flux, Bright noise and apply the filter with the following settings

Close off the large red rectangle layer and select the 2 black rectangles layer,
then click inside the black shapes using your magic wand tool as before.
Copy and paste paper 16 as a new layer, and then invert the selection, and hit delete.
Select none, then duplicate the layer and use the same guassian blur as before,
then set the duplicated layer blend mode to hard light. Close off the 2 black rectangles layer.

Open the long green rectangle layer, select inside the shape again with your wand, then copy and paste paper 9 as a new layer.
Invert the selection and hit the delete key again. Go to elections, select none,
and use the DSB flux bright noise plugin again with the following settings.

Close off the green shape then select the white noisy rectangle layer.

Go to adjust, colour, red/green/blue and use the settings below.

Open up the left right and center red rectangles, selecting inside the shapes with your magic wand.
Copy and paste paper 6 as a new layer, and if you have done this correctly, it should fill all 3 rectangles.
Invert and hit delete again. Select none and then duplicate the layer.
Apply the same guassian blur that you used earlier to the duplicate layer, then set the blend mode to overlay,
and merge the layer down. Close off the red shapes.

Open up the black rectangle and select inside it with your magic wand.
Copy and paste paper 22 as a new layer and then invert the selection, hit delete and then select none.
Apply a bright noise setting of your choice. Close off the black rectangle shape.

Highlight the left red rectangle layer in your layer pallette and click on it with the magic wand.
Copy and paste your selected tube as a new layer, and resize and adjust as you want it.
Duplicate the layer then apply the same gaussian blue as before, then change the layer blend mode to hard light.
Merge the layer down, and then close off the red layer again.

Repeat the same steps for the right hand red rectangle layer.
Make sure the layers are under the black rectangle shaped paper layer.
Make sure the middle tube is underneath the dotted rectangle layer.

Your image should look something like this.

Open your naughty elf text layer, and go to adjust, colour, redgreenblue and apply the following settings.

Open up the white background text and merge the naughty elf layer down.
Move the naughty elf wording into the rectangle shape. Open up the Santa's layer and move this down as well.

Merge your layers visible, and then delete all the plain shapes.
Add your artist copyright and license number.

Select a colour from your tag, and a font of your choice, I'm using A&S Rister, and add your name to your tag.
Convert to a raster layer, then go to selections, select all, selections float,
selections defloat, Selections, modify, expand and expand by 2 pixels.
Add a new raster layer, and flood fill inside the selections with white.
Drag your coloured text above the white layer, and apply a dsb flux, bright noise setting of your choice.
Merge the layers visible and then save as a PNG file.

Congratulations you are done.

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