Simple Sig Tag Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written October 3rd 2006
Rewritten April 10th 2008

This tutorial uses the gorgeous artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. Her art requires an AMI license to use, which you can purchase HERE at AMI. You can visit Suzanne's site HERE.

This tutorial was inspired by a tag I saw made by oohsopink which she has as her signature on Moda2.
I have however, expanded her idea.

You will need: 
Jasc Paint Shop Pro - HERE 
AlienSkin Eyecandy 4000 Gradient Glow (Optional) - HERE 
Tube of your choice 
Coventry Garden Font - HERE 


Open a new canvas sized 512x109 with a transparent background.

Select your preset tools and with the foreground colour set to null and the background colour set to black, draw a rectangle shape on the canvas.

Go to objects, align, Horizontal centre in canvas. convert this to a raster layer.

Change your Foreground colour to black and your background to null, and with the settings below draw a rectangle around and down past the black block

Your image should so far look like this.

Using your magic wand, select inside the black border layer. Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, and move it to position then go to selections, invert, and press the delete button. Go to selections, Select none.

Your tag should now look like this.

Highlight your raster layer 1 which shouldnt have anything in it, and flood fill the layer with white. Now merge all your layers visible.

Open your font and minimise it to the task bar. With your font set to the following, and your foreground colour null and background colour white, apply your name to the black area at the top. Convert this to a raster layer.

If you are choosing to add a glow to your text, go to Eyecandy 4000 and play with the settings to get the glow how you want it.

Now swap your font colours around so your working with black instead of white, and change your font to a nice script or basic font.

On the bottom section, your text can be anything you want, like a saying, song lyric or even your email address. I, However am going with a latin phrase - Ad astra per aspera, which means to the stars through difficulty.

If you were using the gradient glow from Eyecandy 4000 convert the lower text to a raster layer and apply this now.

Go to Image, add borders, and if you get a message click ok. Add a symmetrical border of 3 pixels in a colour of your choice. Repeat the above, but change the colour back to white.

Add a new raster layer and add your watermark, and any copyrights. 
Merge all layers visible, and then save as a .png file. 

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