Sinful In Pink Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written 25th October 2006

For this tutorial, I am using the incredible artwork of Nolan Worthington. You can visit his site - HERE 
You need to purchase an AMI license to use the work of Nolan Worthington. You can do this HERE 

To install the brush into PSP, please read the Readme file in the zip.

You will need:
Corel Paint Shop Pro 10 - HERE
Cocktail Script Font
A brush of your choice
A tube of your choice.

You can get the zip file containing my supplies HERE 


Open a new image 500x500 with a black background.

Set your foreground colour to #ec4f7c and your background to null.

Select your rectangle preset shape tool and using the settings below, with your linestyle set to barbed wire, draw a large box onto the background. Go to Objects, Align, Center in canvas. Convert this to a raster layer.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, and resize it as necessary. Apply the dropshadow shown below.

Add a new raster layer. With your brush tool set to the settings below and using the same colour as you did for the border of the image, apply the sinful brush roughly in the middle of the area above your tube. Duplicate your brush layer, and X out the top copy.

Go to effects, Texture Effects, Mosaic Antique, and apply the mosaic settings below.

Un-x the duplicate brush layer.

Set your foreground colour to null and background colour to #9f0d37. Using the Cocktail Script font, and the text tool settings below, apply your name to the canvas. Convert this to a raster layer.

Go to Image, Free rotate, and use the settings below.

Now drag your name into position to the left of the tube, where it looks good.

Add your artists copyright information, and also your own watermark and license numbers.

Flatten all layers, and go to Image, Resize, and resize by 75%. Save as your preferred format, and you are done.

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