Starry Moon Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written November 11th 2006

This tutorial uses one of NickyM's Glitter animations. You can visit Nicky M's Site HERE

This tutorial also uses the gorgeous artwork of Stacey Sharp. Ms Sharp is a CILM artist so you need a licence to use her work. You can obtain a licence HERE to use her art. Please visit Ms Sharps own website HERE

You will need:
Jasc Paint Shop Pro - HERE
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE 
Font Diner Square Meal Font - HERE
NickyM's Chasing Stars Animation - HERE
Tube of choice 


Open a new image size 500x500 and flood fill the layer with black.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, resizing if necessary. I resized my tube by 75%. Now move it to the right hand side of the canvas.

With your text tool set to the settings below, and your foreground colour Nul and background to a colour from your tube, apply your name.

Position the name underneath the tube, and then convert the layer to a raster layer. Now duplicate this layer.

Making sure the first text layer is highlighted, go to effects, Distortion effects, Wind and apply the settings below.

Now merge the top text layer down.

Set your text tool to the settings below, and keep the colour as you had for your name.

Now add proper copyright information and your tagged by legend. Convert this to a raster layer.

Now merge all layers visible and resize by 75%.

Copy and paste this into animation shop.

Open up your glitter animation into animation shop, and duplicate the tag so you have the same amount of frames in each (should be 11).

with your star animation selected, go to Animation rotate, and rotate by 90 degrees right.

Making sure your on the first frame of each image, and press Ctrl + A on both images to select all.

Now click in the first frame of the star animation and drag and drop it into the tag in the top left hand corner.

View animation to make sure your happy, then save as a gif. Congratulations, you are finished. 

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