Sexy Scrap Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2007 - Tutorial written August 9th 2007

I am using the art of Keith Garvey which requires a license. You can get a license from My PSP Tubes HERE. You can view the art of Keith Garvey at his website HERE.

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro (HERE)
My tagback
My frame
My Staple 
3 Images of Choice
Tube of choice 
Font of choice - Im using Atomic. You can get it HERE

You can get the zip file with my supplies - HERE 

To Make The Tag

Open the supplies in PSP, duplicate and close off the originals. If you wish to colourise the supplies do it now to the colour of your choice. Now we are ready to proceed. Minimise everything exept the three apertured frame.

You will notice the frame is on two layers. Make sure the top layer is selected then using your magic wand on the settings below, select the first aperture of your frame.

Go to selections, modify, expand, and expand the selection by 10. Take the first of your images and copy and paste it as a new layer. Position the image so the focal point is within the marching ants, and resize if necessary. Go to selections, invert, and then press the delete key on your keyboard. Now go to selections, select none. On your layer pallete, drag the image layer right down to the very bottom of your pallete, so it is under the shadow layer. Repeat the process for the last 2 apertures. Now go to layers, merge, merge visible. Your frame should look like this.

Restore your tagback and then copy and paste the completed frame as a new layer and position it where you like it. Apply the following dropshadow.

Take the staple and copy and paste it as a new layer. Go to Image, Rotate, Free Rotate and rotate Left by 25.00 degrees. Position over the top left corner of the frame layer. Duplicate this layer then go to Image Mirror. Copy and paste the staple as a new layer again. Go to Image, Rotate, Free Rotate and rotate RIGHT by 25.00 degrees. Position this over the BOTTOM LEFT corner of the frame layer. Duplicate the layer and go to Image, Mirror. You should now have four staples, one on each corner of the frame.

Copy and paste your puffy sticker as a new layer, and then use the deform tool to rotate it, then place it under the frame layer where you think it looks best. I have mine under the first image on the frame.

Copy and paste your tube onto your tagback as a new layer and resize it if necessary. I resized mine by 75%. Position your tube where you want it then add the same drop shadow as we used before.

Take your text tool with the following settings, and your foreground colour set to White and your background colour set to black.

Type your name and apply the text. Convert to a raster layer. Go to Effects, 3D effects, Drop Shadow and apply the dropshadow shown below.

Merge all your layers visible and resize if you wish. Now add your watermark and any artist copyrights and license details. Save your tag in the desired format and you are done. 

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