Tube Organisation Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written December 1st 2006

You will need:
Some PSP Tubes 
A Folder for your tubes
Subfolders named by artist/subject matter 


Create a Main folder named PSP Tubes (or a identifiable name of your choice).

Within this subfolder, create folders according to artist name or subject matter, both can work well together.

For example, If you were wanting to organise female celebrity tubes you would put them in a folder named Celebrities ~ Female, and have subfolders within the main folder dividing each celeb by name.

There is an example of this below.

Main Folders


When Sorting your folders by artists, its handy to keep a text file record of their copyright information, website URL and also, any associated License numbers. I hope you have found this simple tutorial helpful. 

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