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These tutorials are written by me, Cazzy, and any resemblence to other tutorials is purely co-incidental. All of my tutorials are registered at TWI against tutorial theft. If these tutorials are found anywhere other than on MY website, I reserve the right to take action against you.

If you wish to use my tutorials on a forum/group, then please text link only. It would however be nice to be emailed/notified that you are linking to my tutorials, to save any concerns when site stats are checked. Copy and pasting tutorials into an email or forum post is bandwidth theft, and WILL be reported to the proper authorities.

Please DO NOT save my tutorials onto your hard drive in any format. Do not script my tutorials as they are not intended to be scripts, but rather learning guides. If they are scripted, this takes the learning element away.

You may print ONE copy of each tutorial for personal use only, but do not copy these electronically or otherwise for re-distribution.

Tutorials are not to be translated and posted elsewhere. If I want my tutorials translated, I will do it myself and host them on my own site.

I have the ability to see everyone who enters my site so please dont even think you can break my rules and not face the consequences. If these simple rules are not adhered to, then it is very possible the next time you visit you will find your either IP banned or I've taken the tutorials offline - this could be indefinate, the choice is yours!

If I have any of your work displayed here and you do not have credit for it, or wish it to be removed please do contact me at cazzy.designs[AT]gmail.com and I will deal with it immediately.

Tags made as a result of following my tutorials MAY NOT be used for profit making ventures, nor made and sold to licencing companies for usage as MySpace or other social networking graphics. This includes, but is not limited to Twitter headers and FaceBook cover graphics.

You can however, create your own social networking graphics using my tutorials, as long as it is for private use.

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