Underwater Siren Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written May 23rd 2006
Rewritten April 13th 2008

Im using the art of Ausposers. You can view Ausposers HERE

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 - HERE
JASC Animation Shop - HERE 
Tube of your choice
Font of your choice. 


Open a new file sized 400x400 with a transparent background.

Click on your preset shape tool and select the teardrop shape. Using the foreground colour null and background colour #A9ADF7 draw out a large teardrop on your canvas.

Go to objects, align, centre in canvas. Your canvas should now look like this.

Now convert this to a raster layer.

Open a tube of your choice, and copy and paste it as a new layer onto your canvas.

Position the tube in the middle of the teardrop resizing if necessary.

Apply the following dropshadow.

Your image should now look like this.

Take your text tool, and using a font of your choice and the following settings add your name to the teardrop.

Turn your text on a diagonal and when you are happy that there is no tube or text outside the actual teardrop, merge all layers visible.

Copy the merged layer and launch Animation Shop. Paste the copied image into AS.

Now go to effects, insert image effect and select underwater. Apply the effect then delete the very first frame. Press CTRL and A and set your frame properties to 20.

Now save as a gif and you are done.

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