Watermark 1 Tutorial

© 2005 Cazzy-Designs - Tutorial written June 1st 2005

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro 9 - You can get a trial version HERE
Font of your choice - I used Brice Ding
font of your choice - I used minipics lil critters

You can get the zipfile with my choice of fonts HERE 

To Start Your Watermark

Open a new image size 400 x 400.

Open the fonts you are going to be using and then minimise them to your task bar, Paint Shop Pro can recognise them from there.

Select your text tool and set it with the following settings (Minipics lil critters, selection, size 72)

Type in a letter of your choice to get a nice logo for the center of the watermark. Do not worry if your animal has a colour because as soon as you click apply you will get the marching ants.

Apply the following dropshadow to the selection.

Repeat the above dropshadow and then go to selections, select none.

Add a new raster layer then select your preset shape tool, and use the following settings (Ellipse, anti-alias checked, create as vector checked, retain style checked).

Draw a circle around your drop shadowed animal logo

Add another new raster layer and and then click on your text tool using the following settings (selection, size 22, brice)

Position the mouse so that the text icon changes into an a with a curved line underneath. Click to apply your text, and type in the text you want and click on apply. If you have done this correctly, your text will be curved round the ellipse and have those lovely marching ants again.

Apply the previous dropshadow twice, as with the animal logo then go to selections select none.

X out the vector layer, and then go to layers, merge visible. Your layer pallete should now look like this.

Finishing The Watermark

Now you can delete the vector layer.

You should be left with a drop shadow image, with a transparent background. Crop this image leaving around 50 pixels, as a border.

Go to file, export, and picture tube as shown below.

The following box should appear

Name your tube and save it.

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