Watermark 2 Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2005 - Tutorial written June 1st 2005

You will need: 
Paint Shop Pro 9 - HERE 
Font of your choice. 

To Make Your Watermark

Open a new 400x400 transparent image.

Select your preset shape tool with the following settings.

Draw out an ellipse shaped like an American football or rugby ball.

Convert this layer to a raster layer. Take a font of your choice (I used cataneo BT) and set the text tool to the following settings

With your foreground colour set to Null and your background colour set to black. write your text , centre it to your preference and then convert this to a raster layer.

Go to layers, Merge all, Merge visible and then go to effects, texture effects, emboss.

Crop your image down and export it as a custom tube.

How To Use Your Watermark

When you are making a tag add an extra layer on top before you merge all (or visible for a transparent tag), and put your watermark tube on this layer.

Go to your layer palette and change the settings on the watermark layer from normal to either overlay or soft light, depending on how prominant you want your watermark to be.

Merge all your layers and you now will have a tag with watermark in-situ. 

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