Winters Coming Tutorial

© Cazzy-Designs 2007 - Tutorial Written November 12th 2007

I am using the gorgeous artwork of Suzanne Woolcott. To use her art you must purchase a license at AMI.

You will need:
Paint Shop Pro 8 (JASC)
Animation Shop (JASC
Clareys Winter Sparkle Kit - HERE 
Font of choice - Im using Santa's Sleigh
Tube and Image of choice.
VDL Snowflakes Plugin - HERE (Optional) 


Open two of the papers from your scrapkit, and press Shift and D to duplicate each one. Choose one of your papers as the background and colourise it to your own personal preference. I used both Hue and saturation set to 255.

Copy and paste your other paper on top of the colourised paper as a new layer. Go to layers, load/save mask, load mask from disk. Select Mask060 which comes with PSP, with the settings below.

Delete the mask layer, and click yes when it asks if you wish to merge the layer.

Add the dropshadow below, and then repeat again, changing the settings to -2.

Merge the group and then change the layer opacity to 90. Open one of the doodles, and press shift and D to duplicate. Resize by 50% and then go to adjust, sharpness, sharpen. Copy and paste as a new layer onto the papers, and move it to the right hand side. Duplicate the layer, and then go to image, mirror. Merge the duplicated layer down, and then add the dropshadow above.

Open the frame, and then copy and paste it as a new layer. Take your selection tool, and draw out a rectangle shape. Open your image, and copy and paste as a new layer. Go to Selections, Invert, then press the small delete key on your keyboard. Drag the image layer beneath the frame in the layer palette, then go to selections, select none. Add the dropshadow above to the frame layer.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer, and position it to the side of the frame, and again, add the same dropshadow. Open one of the sheer ribbons, and resize by 75%. Copy and paste as a new layer, and position it on the top left corner of the frame. If you are not animating your tag, skip to the name adding section.

Optional Snow Steps

Follow these steps if you wish to add the optional animation.

Using your selection tool again, on the frame layer, draw a rectangle big enough to cut into the frame.
Add a new layer above the image, but below the frame, and go to Effects, plugins, VanDerLee, Snowflakes. Using the settings below, add the snow to the blank new layer.

Add another new layer, and apply the same settings again, this time changing the random seed to another figure. Repeat the new layer and snow, changing the random seed one last time. Now go to selections, select none.

Finishing Your Tag

Resize your tag to a size you wish, making sure you have resize all layers checked.
Go to adjust, Sharpness, Sharpen on each layer. Do NOT sharpen the snow layers.

Take your text tool, and set it to the settings below, with the font colour set to a colour of your choice. Im using #03808F and foreground is set to null.

Add your name, and move it into position as shown in the tag example. Add the following innerbevel.

Apply the same dropshadow as used before.

Add your copyright information, and license number if needed, and save in your preferred format. If you have added the snow, follow the steps below.

Open Animation Shop.

X out two of your snow layers, leaving the third on view, go to copy, merged, and paste as a new animation in animation shop. X out the visible snow layer, and open the next one. Copy merged, and paste into animation shop, behind the current frame. Repeat the layer change, and paste into animation shop. You should now have three frames, each with a different position of snow.

Press Ctrl and A to select all, then change the frame properties to 20. Now save as a gif file using your preferred optimization settings, and you are done.

Below is an example of the NON animated tag.

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