Christmas Globe Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written December 4th 2006

This tutorial is dedicated to Kewtiepie

This tutorial uses the artwork of NickyM You can view her site and download more of her tubes - HERE

You will need:
Corel Paint Shop Pro - HERE 
Jasc Animation Shop - HERE
Super Blade Pro (Optional) - HERE 
VDL Adrenaline Snowflakes - HERE
Tube of Choice
Snowglobe base
Font of Choice

You can get the base and tube in my supplies - HERE 


Open all your supplies into PSP and minimise your font to your taskbar.

Open a new canvas, size 300x300.

Go to Effects, Artistic effects, Balls and Bubbles.

Set the top of your popup to look like the screenshot below.
This is to make sure that your bubble fills the whole canvas.

Now, following the instructions carefully, apply the settings below. 
On the Shape tab, you want your settings to be this.

On the surface tab, have your settings like this.

On the maps tab, have your settings like this.

And finally, on the illumination tab, have your settings like this.

Now click ok, and if you followed the steps above, you should have a large transparent ball filling the canvas.

Go to Image, Canvas Size, and input the settings below making sure that the middle box is selected.

Now move your globe ball up towards the top of the canvas.

Add a new raster layer, and flood fill this with white. Drag it below the ball layer.

Highlight the ball layer again, and using your magic wand click the bare space around the ball. Go to selections, Modify, Expand and expand the selection by 1 pixel.

Highlight the white layer again, and press the small delete key on your keyboard.

Copy and paste your PSP tube as a new layer. Position your tube how you want it, then hit the small delete key again. The tube outside the marching ants should be deleted.

Now go to selections, Select none.

Now copy and paste the wooden base as a new layer. Position it so it fits snugly against the transparent ball.

X out the white background, and your tube, and merge the ball and base visible.

Take your magic wand, and click in the white circle. Add a new raster layer, and go to effects, Plugins VDL Adrenaline, Snowflakes, and apply the settings below.

Add a new raster layer, and apply the same settings this time changing the random seed.

Repeat the above again, until you have 3 layers of snow. Now go to selections, select none.

Drag the base and ball merged layer above the snow layers.

Select your text tool, and add a name to the globe base if you wish. Apply a superbladepro preset of your choice, and then a dropshadow of choice.

Add copyright informations and a tagged by legend in a small but readable font to the base, and then convert to a raster layer.

Now duplicate each layer twice except the snow, and X out the second and third layers of each item including the snow, leaving one layer of each open. Merge this visible and X it out.

Now repeat the steps above twice more until you have three identical merged layers. Save as a .PSP file.

Open the file in animation shop, and save as as a gif with a transparent background.

You are done. 

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