Christmas Lovers Tutorial

© Cazzy Designs 2006 - Tutorial Written 22nd October 2006

I am using a poser tube made by Anniebel. You can visit her site HERE

You will need:
JASC Paint Shop Pro - HERE
JASC Animation Shop - HERE
Alienskin Xenofex 2 Constellation - HERE
KR Valentines 2006 Seven Font - HERE
A tube of your choice
Beanbag Font or any chunky font.
A silver psp fill Click HERE to get the fill. Just right click and save picture as. 


Open your tube, fonts and fill in PSP before we start.

Open a new image size 500x500 with a black background.

Add a new raster layer, and go to selections, Select all. Now go to Selections, Select selection borders, and use the settings below.

Flood fill this selection with #B42629, then go to selections, select none. On the same layer, repeat the above, but change the selection to 10.

Change your foreground box to the silver fill, and flood the selection. Go to selections, Select none.

Duplicate the border layer twice, so you now have 3 layers the same. Go to effects, Plugins, DSB flux, bright noise, and apply the settings below.

Repeat again, for the remaining 2 layers, but hit the mix button a few times for each layer, so the noise is differently placed.

Copy and paste your tube as a new layer. Resize as necessary and apply the following dropshadow.

Apply the dropshadow again, this time changing the settings to Vertical -2 and horizontal 2.

Using the settings below, and with your foreground nul and background white hold down your shift key and press the letter o to get the hearts with arrows through.

Position the hearts in the top left corner inside the border. convert the layer to raster then duplicate it twice more so you have 3 copies of it.

Go to effects, plugins, alienskin xenofex and constellation and apply the settings below. Repeat for the remaining two layers, but hit the random seed button each time.

Now set your text tools to the settings below, and with both your foreground and background set to #B42629 apply your name. Depending on the size of your name, you may need to adjust the font size. Position your name how you want it, then convert to a raster layer.

Using your magic wand set to the below settings, click the empty space inside each letter.

Go to selections, modify, expand, and expand by one pixel. Add a new raster layer, flood fill the selections with #108210 then drag that layer below the text outline. Go to selections, Select none. Now right click the red outline and merge the layer down.

Duplicate this layer twice more so you have 3 copies. Apply the DSB Flux Bright Noise plugin as before hitting the mix button a few times so its different on each layer.

Add your copyright information, and also your watermark.

X out the spares of your duplicated layers, so you have one copy of each layer open. Now right click and copy merged, and paste this into animation shop as a new animation.

X off the first layers of the sets of 3, and un-X the second layers. Copy merged again, and paste into animation shop after the current frame. Repeat the above again for the last set of layers that we havent yet used.

Now you should have 3 different frames in animation shop. to check this, go to view animation and make sure its running smoothly.

Resize the animation by 75% using the smartsize option.

Now save your image and we are done.

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